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Prevention Cure Recovery
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Prevention Cure Recovery

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  • Recovery of wounds caused by sucking and rasping mouthparts pests, preventing virus transmission.
  • Prevent the infection of wounds caused by mechanical damage , promote the formation of callus.
  • Quickly restore plant growth after experiencing harsh environments.
  • Effectively alleviate the damage caused by salinized soil to crops.
  • Good spreadability and permeability, improve the nutrients absorption of transformation, to meet the nutritional needs of crops at rapid growth period.


General Instructions

  • Do not add surfactant to the tank mix.
  • Spray during the cooler and more humid parts of the day.
  • Under stress crop can be increased the dosage but based on local technician advise.
  • Test for possible side-effects or phytotoxicity by a small trial, spraying a week prior to the intended commercial treatments.
  • After spraying rinse the sprayer and all its parts thoroughly with fresh water.
  • Stored in cool and ventilated warehouse and out of Children reach.


Physical Properties

  • Appearance: Black Powder
  • Water Solubility: 100% Soluble
  • PH(1:250): 7


Mode of Action

  • REVA/Techno Celer Rever is a combination of Seaweed Extracts, Plant Extracts, Amino Acid, Vitamins, etc.  


Factor of Action

  • Amino Acid, Polysaccharides combination adjusts Cell Osmotic stress, decreases freezing point to improve crop low temperature, Salinity soil resistance, alleviating phytotoxicity caused by herbicides.
  • Seaweed Extract rich in Cytokinins, stimulate cell formation to recover wounds.
  • Plant Extracts, Vitamins and Chelated micronutrients enhances primary metabolism and optimize hormonal balance, to keep crops health growing under stress.



  • Anti-Stress: Dilute 750 times for foliar spraying.
  • Post-Disaster Restoration: Dilute 500 times for foliar spraying.
  • Stimulate Bud Differentiation and Fruits Setting:Dilute 750 times for foliar spraying.
  • Stimulate Roots Growth: Dilute 300 times for drip Irrigation or dilute 1000 times for seeds soaking.
  • Extending Leaf Function Period:Dilute 750 times for foliar spraying.



  • Compatible with other fertilizers,with the exception of Calcium fertilizers.
  • Therfore a separate tank is needed or fertilizers should be applied on different times.
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