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Mr. Guo Xinglong, Chairman of Hebei Monband was elected as the 4th Chairman of Hebei Fertilizer Association.


Mr. Guo Xinglong, Chairman of Hebei Monband was elected as the 4th Chairman of Hebei Fertilizer Association.

2019/09/30 15:51
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Mr. Guo Xinglong, Chairman of Hebei Monband was elected as the 4th Chairman of Hebei Fertilizer Association.




































On September 21, 2019, the second meeting of the 3rd council of Hebei Fertilizer Association was grandly held. Mr. Liu Ketong, thec3rd of the association, made the "Work Report of the Third Council of Hebei Fertilizer Association". And the meeting elected the 4th Chairman, Vice Chairman, Executive Director, Secretary General and Deputy Secretary General.

Under the correct leadership of the Provincial Department of Agriculture and the Provincial Civil Affairs Department, the Third Council of the Hebei Fertilizer Association,  unite and actively guide all member companies to firmly establish and implement the new development concept, earnestly perform the functions of the association, make positive contributions to promoting the healthy and sustainable development of the fertilizer industry in the province, and accumulate rich experience in doing well in the association. It laid a solid foundation for the new council to continue to develop and achieve new achievements.

Mr. Guo Xinglong, on behalf of the new council of the Association, expressed his highest respect and heartfelt gratitude to the provincial and provincial civil affairs departments for all the people at all levels who supported and helped us.

Since 2017, the party and the government have appealed many times for “fertilizer weight loss and efficiency increase”. The negative growth of fertilizer use has been written into the Central No. 1 document for two consecutive years... The state’s high attention to the industry has brought many opportunities for fertilizer companies, of course, also some challenges. Under such a background, we need to effectively and fully play our role and cooperate with the government to better guide and promote the development of the industry. The association will focus on the following aspects of work, strive for innovation, and make breakthroughs.

1. Based on the strategy, guidelines and policies formulated by the party and the state for the development of the fertilizer industry, cooperate with the government to guide and supervise the development of fertilizer enterprises in the province along the correct route. At any time, investigate and understand the latest developments in the fertilizer industry and the supply and demand of fertilizers, provide accurate and objective information for the government and relevant departments, and provide a reliable basis for macro decision-making and policy formulation. Do a good job as a staff member and assistant to the government and relevant departments.


2. Timely and fully understand the wishes and demands of the member units, and strive for government support and assistance in policies, projects, and funds. Continue to do a good job in the "Hebei Fertilizer Association Journal" and the association's column in the Northern Agricultural Materials Weekly and other media, while increasing the frequency of voices in other influential media, based on the display of member companies and product image, the use of the association The identity advantage is to represent the member companies to jointly voice, gradually expand the influence of the association, enhance the public's understanding and recognition of the social value of the fertilizer industry, and better establish the overall image of the association and member companies.

3. Organize activities to communicate with relevant industry associations and R&D institutions around the world, and seek cooperation opportunities from the perspectives of product development, production process and market development with an open attitude. Help member companies' superior products to go out better and serve more growers around the world; and introduce overseas leading technology, management methods and excellent products to help member companies develop better. At the same time, we will follow the national “The Belt and Road” strategy and seek opportunities for member companies to invest in overseas investment.

4. Give full play to the role of association ties, establish a mutually beneficial mechanism, coordinate the interests of members, improve the industrialization level of the entire industry, form a community of interests within the association, create a win-win situation, and maximize the benefits of each link.

5. Give full play to the self-discipline and rights protection role of the association, formulate the behavior rules approved by the members and supervise the implementation according to the overall interests of the whole industry, form a good mechanism for self-discipline, orderly and fair competition in the industry; protect the legitimate rights and interests of members and maintain the industry he overall interests; actively assist the industry management departments, counterfeiting and assisting farmers, and preventing the occurrence of pit farmer pests.


The representatives and directors of the association are the main body of the association's work. Everyone comes from different places and engages in different jobs. They are successful models and outstanding representatives of the industry and have made positive contributions to the development of Hebei fertilizer industry. I hope that everyone will continue to carry forward the advantages of close contact and strong representativeness of the members, and closely unite the vast number of fertilizer industry workers in the province, continue to care, and support the work of the association, and actively contribute to the work of the association. We will be the talents of the public, gather the wisdom of the people, the strategy of the public, take advantage of the strengths of the public, work together in the same boat, seek common development, and strive to push the work of the association to a new level, to contribute to the development of the fertilizer industry. Thank you!


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